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Shaping the Energy

shaping the energy 01On December 22nd 1942, a man had a perception: to set up a business corporate that would guarantee its customers the absolute clarity of the product they were using.

Assuredness of technological innovation, cutting-edge technology and excellence operations. Certainty of an unmistakable style and flawless service, as well as the guarantee of unrivaled reliability.

That perception was the first step towards a dream: to manage the Energy in the most successful, efficient and sustainable way. That man was my grandfather, Arturo Sottocorno, founder of a perfect business corporate, the FIMER system.

In the following years, our family has undertaken to develop the FIMER system and allow the company to expand in international markets, acquiring important agreements worldwide with our customers. Always keeping alive, in the mind and in the heart, the dream and dedication of its founder.

shaping the energy 02Today Fimer is a brand that is growing, looking to the future.

We never stop in Fimer. The constant growth is in our DNA and concerns every business unit: from the most traditional, Welding, to Solar, to the most innovative new division of sustainable electric mobility.

A trend that makes us proud of our work and our constant commitment. The challenges are not over: indeed, they continue with the rapid and decisive step ever. We have been applying our experience of over 30 years in the development of inverter technology. A know-how in the electronics that is the basis of each of our products in every division.

Nowadays we are still developing in renewable energy and we have expanded our e-mobility investments allowing us to realize the most innovative charging systems for electric vehicles. Sustainable mobility is a challenge for the future and a it’s our commitment that goes beyond business. It is a life choice that, as a family rather than as a company, we have felt the need to choose and never get tired of supporting it, for a better world and a better future.

Filippo Carzaniga
Managing Director


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